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Barco CS-100 Wireless Presentation

  • Wireless connection to central screen
  • 1 user on-screen
  • Share from laptop, tablet or smartphone
  • HDMI output
  • Delivered with 1 Button


Why Barco CS-100?

Successful meetings are all about confidence. Confidence in the ideas, confidence in the presentations, but also confidence in the meeting room technology. That is why Barco has developed ClickShare. With this wireless presentation system, users can simply share what’s on their laptop or mobile device, on the presentation screen. Barco Clickshare is designed to help organisations have efficient and product meetings. The CS-100 brings the ClickShare experience to small meeting and huddle rooms where sharing content from a laptop or mobile device is a basic need. Anyone can connect with one click and share right away, without the need for any training. Users simply plug a USB-powered device – the ClickShare Button – into their PC or Mac and click the button to get the content from their laptop on the large meeting room screen. With the ClickShare App, users can also share content from their mobile phones or tablets.

A stand-alone model

The CS-100 is a stand-alone model with an HDMI output, that allows up to 8 users to connect and, with one user sharing at a time. The CS-100 includes the standard ClickShare security features including encryption, login management, https and the possibility to hide the SSID of the Base Unit’s wireless network.


Operating system:

  • Supports both Windows & Mac OSX
  • Android v5 & v6 & v7 (ClickShare App)
  • iOS 8,9 and 10 (ClickShare App)

Video Outputs:

  • 1 x HDMI

Frame Rate:

  • Up to 30 FPS

Output Resolution:

  • 1920 x 1200

Number of Sources Simultaneous on Screen:

  • 1

Number of Simultaneous Connections:

  • 8



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