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Remaco TEN (MXL) Series


TEN(MXL) Series is the largest of all our motorized screens. Other than its size and casing, it has the same feature and quality as the other TEN Series. One of the main issues with such large screen is its weight which is an important factor for transportation and installation. The TEN(MXL) Series is built with aluminium truss casing which is strong and light which makes it comparatively lightweight against most competitors.

Using high quality Vinyl fabric, each screen is handcrafted with high precision workmanship for perfect flatness. The tabs on both sides of the screen are pulled by a string which creates a tension on the screen surface. Thus the name Tension
screen was formed. Tension applied on the stretchable vinyl fabric creates an extremely flat surface making it ideal for any kind of projection application.

Power and control
The screen is powered by a silent AC tubular motor that is capable of fast and quiet operation. Such motor is also well known for its reliability and durability. The screen comes with a set of RF remote transmitter and receiver, and a spring loaded manual Up/Down switch. In cases where incorporation of third party controller is required, the optional MPC-850 or MPC-851 can be ordered separately.

Suitable for projection in very large venue.

Features and Benefits…

  • Come with tension design on both side of the screen fabric

  • Made of high quality screen fabric

  • Gives an extreme flat surface for excellent viewing performance

  • Radio Frequency Remote to control screen up/stop/down position

  • Wall mounted up/down switch provided

  • Direct connection to AV Control System



Motor Type: AC Tubular Motor; Silent Type

Motor Speed: 9 rpm

Operating: 120 degree Celsius (thermostat cut off motor)

Fabric Roll Speed: 5.6m/min

Screen Gain: 1.2

Viewing Angle: 160 degrees viewing cone

Screen Materials: Matte White, Vinyl fabric
(Flame retardant and fungus resistant)

External Wired Control: Normally open, momentary contact closure (voltage free)

Casing Colour: Black

Power Consumption: 350W

Current: 1.5 Amperes

Voltage: 220-240VAC , 50/60 Hz


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