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Remaco Pro Series


The pro series is one of the highest quality motorised projector screen in the market. It uses fiberglass backed with Polyester fabric, offering unbeatable screen flatness. Cased in powder coated aluminium, it also presents a lightweight, compact, and classy design for any venue.

Powered by a reliable and durable silent AC tubular motor, the screen offers a quick and smooth roll up. It comes with Remaco’s very own electronic screen control, allowing control from a wall switch, a remote controller, or a third party controller. And as part of its convenience-driven design, installation and image alignment doesn’t require a professional. It’s safe to say, the pro series is an ideal screen for all kinds of projection.


Motor Type: AC Tubular Motor; Silent Type

Motor Speed: 20 rpm

Operating: 120 degree Celsius (thermostat cut off motor)

Fabric Roll Speed: 3.2m/min

Screen Gain: 1.2

Viewing Angle: 160 degrees viewing cone

Screen Materials: Matte White, Vinyl fabric
(Flame retardant and fungus resistant)

External Wired Control: Normally open, momentary contact closure (voltage free)

IR Remote Sensitivity Distance: Maximum 15 metres

Sensor Coverage: 160 deg. (horizontal) 150 deg. (vertical)

Power Consumption: 121W

Current: 0.97 or 0.53 Amperes

Voltage: 100-120VAC or 220-240VAC , 50/60 Hz


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