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Remaco Projector Screens

Remaco was founded in 1998 and their main goal is to provide the finest quality projection screens with the most comprehensive range of products. This unwavering commitment contributes to Remaco’s success as well as tremendous growth in global. Located in Singapore, Remaco produces a wide range of projection screens every year.

Over the years, they have grown to become a leading screen manufacturer in the presentation industry. Remaco has garnered confidence and trust with customers through their innovative technologies and solutions. Remaco prioritises innovation as the key to their success. Remaco believes in continual research and development (R&D) in order to enhance presentations.

The PRO Series Motorized Screens and SAS Series Semi-Automatic Screens are two examples of their products that break the norm. Constant new idea exploration is even more crucial in order to meet the consumers’ ever rising demand. Besides projector screens, Remaco also manufacture other products such as Projector Brackets, Projector Lift, LCD/Plasma Mounts, IR Extender, Controller, Remote Control and many more.

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